The Wire

In the city of Baltimore, there are good guys and there are bad guys. Sometimes you need more than a badge to tell them apart. This highly realistic and totally unvarnished drama series chronicles the vagaries of crime, law enforcement, politics, education and media in Baltimore as it follows a team of cops and the criminals they are after.

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In honor of its 20th anniversary, HBO is releasing a brand new podcast hosted by musician and actor Method Man, featuring revealing interviews and looking back at David Simons sprawling five-season drama and unpacking its ongoing legacy.

Michael Kenneth Williams was an extraordinary artist, adept at bringing characters like Omar Little, Chalky White, and Montrose Freeman into vivid color. A beloved member of the HBO family for more than 20 years, Williams is remembered not only as an immensely talented actor, but as a civil justice advocate. He will be profoundly missed.

The Cast Remembers the Shows Legacy

The series meant as much to them as it does to you. Sonja Sohn, Wendell Pierce, and more offer insight.

In the pilot episode, Baltimore detective Jimmy McNulty gets assigned to a new task force.

McNulty feels the heat when a witness who testified against DAngelo is killed.

The early-morning field interviews by Herc, Carver and Prez result in a minor riot.

Greggs and McNulty try to get Hardcase to turn informant as arraignment begins for those caught in the raid.

McNultys detail finally gets clone pagers to track Barksdale and his gang, but nobody can crack the codes used by the callers.

McNulty and Greggs ask for a delay in a murder bust in order to preserve the wiretap.

Tipped off by the wire, Greggs, Herc, Carver and Freamon make a bust, but the incident makes Avon and Stringer suspicious.

An unlikely source gives McNulty the tag of Stringer Bells car. Later, Omar earns his loose cannon reputation.

Barksdale plays an expensive game of one-upmanship with an east-side rival.

With Wallace in custody, McNulty and Daniels must figure out what to do with him in the time before he testifies.

Burrell orders Daniels to hit dealers for results that will impress the media. Meanwhile, Greggs is in the ICU.

With the details future hanging in the balance, Daniels faces off against Burrell and his political allies.

In the Season One finale, Daniels and McNulty turn to a higher authority to crack the case.

div class=episode-body-left-aligned style=text-align: leftpbDirected by/b Steve ShillbrbStory by/b David Simon Ed BurnsbrbTeleplay by/b Ed Burns/ppThey used to make steel there, no? - VondasbrbrJimmy McNulty has been demoted and reassigned to the Baltimore Police Harbor unit as Colonel Rawls revenge. On this dread detail, the big excitement of the day is a yacht with a dead motor, adrift while a corporate party moves into high gear. McNulty is depressed about his new assignment, even as his new partner Diggins tells him: In a couple of months, youre gonna realize the bosses did you a favor, McNulty. This is the sweetest detail in the whole damn department if you give it a chance.brbrMajor Valchek listens with boredom as Prez, his son-in-law, speaks with enthusiasm of his desire to work in narcotics. Prez mentions the Barksdale case, and how he found it to be a fascinating investigation. Ignoring him, Valchek replies that Prez will take the sergeants exam. And because I have Tony LoBiancos ear... you will score high and be ranked exactly sixteenth on the list. But Prez has no interest in making rank and would prefer to work good cases. Irritated, Valchek tells him that he has managed to take some of the stink off himself, and that if he would just do as he is told he might actually have a career in the department.brbrAt police headquarters, Bunk encounters Daniels, whos been reassigned as a clerk in the evidence room, his payment for defying Deputy Commissioner Burrell over the Barksdale investigation. I heard they posted you down here, but, I mean, damn, these motherers dont play, do they? Bunk tries to pull evidence for the upcoming Bird murder trial, but it seems to have gone missing. Together, they take the room apart, searching for it.brbrBodie, whos never been outside Baltimore, travels to Philadelphia to pick up fresh drugs with a new Barksdale lieutenant named Dragon. Unaware theyre followed by Stringer Bells soldiers, the pair sticks carefully to the plan and picks up a rental car in which the drugs are supposedly stashed. But when they take it to a chop shop to retrieve the drugs, the car is practically dismantled and the drugs still cant be found. Terrified, Bodie and Dragon go back to Baltimore and tell Stringer the bad news. He sweats them badly before revealing that it was a test: he knows theyre being honest because he was watching them the whole time.brbrAt Baltimores Seagirt Marine Terminal cargo docks, Frank Sobotka, secretary-treasurer of the longshoremans union of checkers the men who oversee the loading and unloading of cargo ships argues with colleagues Nathanial Nat Coxson, Horseface and La-La about the merits of dredging the Baltimore shipping canal. Business is down terribly at the terminal, the checkers are struggling to survive and Coxson is adamant that dredging the canal wont necessarily bring new business to the port. Instead, he says, they should throw their efforts into rebuilding the grain pier, threatening Sobotka. You keep on with the canal shit and Ima go to the district council. My people need somethin real.brbrSobotkas nephew Nick, a young checker with too little seniority to get regular work, arrives at the docks hoping in vain for his first day of work in two weeks. His uncle tells him to go see The Greek, who has a number for Sobotka. Hes got one on the way, Nicks uncle says, referring to an arriving cargo ship on which The Greek has contraband he needs help sliding by the authorities.brbrBunk visits his former partner McNulty at the dock. With the Gant murder trial coming up, the ADA Ilene Nathan needs to review evidence. Omar, who agreed to testify in the case as an eye-witness against Barksdales killing machine Bird, is no where to be found, and Bunk needs McNultys help finding him.brbrSobotka visits St. Casimirs Catholic Church in his neighborhood to see Father Jerome who shows off the stained-glass window Sobotka and his longshoremen recently donated to the church, a window depicting laborers in the port. The stained glass hangs in a prized spot, the nave, and the priest is grateful. Sobotka is there on business, however. Wearing his union hat, he tells Father Jerome that he needs some face time with the Senator. We got nothing but problems, Father. We need to see something happen with the canal, and the granary pier has been down for a year now. Father Jerome tells him to come to Sundays early mass and hell introduce him to the Senator.brbrNick and his cousin Ziggy, Frank Sobotkas son, visit The Greek in a shabby diner. Ziggy is a bit of a wild card, running his mouth off when he shouldnt. Nick, always watching after his cousin, lays down the law to Ziggy before the meeting: You say a word Ziggy, I swear Ill kill ya.brbrLater that day, the pace picks up on the water when McNulty pulls the dead body of a pretty young girl from the frigid harbor.brbrNot long after Sobotka goes to the church to see Father Jerome, Major Valchek drops in, three cops in tow, carrying yet another stained-glass window that Valchek himself wants to donate to St. Casimirs. Nervously, Father Jerome shows Valchek Sobotkas stained glass already hanging and offers a different, less desirable spot to display Valcheks window. Valchek promises to match whatever donations the union has coughed up, but leaves furious when he realizes hes been outbid.brbrAvon, beginning his seven year prison sentence, receives Stringer Bell in the visitation room. Stringer is running the drug business in Avons absence. Avon is hanging tough, telling Stringer: You come in here, you get your mind right, you only do two days. The day you come in... and, says Stringer, finishing his sentence: the day you get out.brbrAt the diner, Nick confers with Spiros Vondas, The Greeks number two man, and his Russian colleague Sergei Malatov, a driver and muscleman. Vondas gives Nick a paper with the number for an incoming cargo container. The container or can, as the longshoremen call it is arriving that day on the ship Atlantic Light. Sobotka and his union pals can make the container disappear from the ports records and Vondas can get hold of it without running it through customs. Same deal, same rate, Vondas says to Nick.brbrVisiting his old unit at police headquarters, McNulty learns that Rawls has conned Baltimore County law enforcement into handling the case of the dead girl he pulled from the harbor. Rawls convinced them its theirs based on the location at which McNulty found it, McNulty learns. He also learns that the body was in fact dead before it hit the water. Blunt trauma to the head, Detective Cole, whos been assigned to handle the case, tells him.brbrStringer Bell spars with a new lawyer representing a now indicted drug supplier who had been the major source for Barksdales drugs. Wary that Avon may have implicated the dealer to lighten his own sentence, Stringer learns the dealer is unwilling to do further business with the Barksdale operation. This is bad news, because drugs are in scarce supply, and Stringer must cut them heavily to extend the supply. The junkies have noticed, naturally, and are either complaining or taking their business elsewhere.brbrMcNulty studies wind and tide charts of the day he found the dead body in the harbor and calculates that in fact the body was in Rawls territory when it entered the water. No question, it should by rights be handled by Rawls unit. Hoping to repay his boss for his current plight, McNulty faxes his calculations to the Baltimore County Police, who are only too glad to hand the case back to Rawls.brbrAt the dock, Marine Police Officer Beatrice Beadie Russell is making her cursory rounds. The Atlantic Light has docked and is being unloaded, and the container Spiros wants is sitting on the dock, awaiting removal. Sobotka wants it gone quickly and is nervous because Serge, sent by The Greek to pick it up, is deep in conversation on his cell phone. When Serge suddenly leaves without the cargo container, Sobotka is incredulous and not a little bit worried. In fact, it is Russell who notices the locks on the container are loose, opens it up and goes inside. When she encounters a false rear wall in the back, she investigates further and finds the bodies of 13 young women, apparently suffocated, inside a tiny compartment of the container./p/div

div class=episode-body-left-aligned style=text-align: leftpbDirected by/b Ed BianchibrbStory by/b David Simon Ed BurnsbrbTeleplay by/b David Simon/ppThey can chew you up but they gotta spit you back out. - McNultybrbrAt the cargo terminal, with no apparent evidence of foul play, the death of the 13 women is ruled an accident. No need to open an investigation on this, says a Port Authority cop. No crime. All you got here, Officer Russell, is a lot of paperwork.brbrSobotka is enraged by the 13 deaths and at the diner demands an explanation from Vondas. Vondas tells him its all a big mistake, but Sobotka demands advance notice the next time people are shipped through his port on a container.brbrBrianna visits her brother Avon in prison and tells him times are tough in the drug business. With their supplier spooked and little supply available elsewhere, We hangin on to the projects with table scraps, she tells him. Aint you got no one else for us? Avon tells her to have Stringer fly to Atlanta to visit a drug connection there named Vargus. Brianna is angry with Avon for not watching out for DAngelo, incarcerated in another section of the same prison serving his 20-year sentence. Avon promises to look out for DAngelo, and tells her to pressure Donette, the mother of DAngelos son, to stop ignoring DAngelo and come to the prison to visit him.brbrMcNulty brings Bunk some blue crabs one of the few perks of his new assignment and they feast in an interrogation room at police headquarters. Bunk learns that McNulty spent three hours running the wind and tide numbers, just to prove the floater should be assigned to Rawls homicide unit. Bunk also tells him that the 13 bodies at the cargo terminal are not considered a crime.brbrCarver blankets the illegally parked cars outside the union hall with tickets. Confronted by an angry Sobotka, who asks why the sudden change in attitude toward cars that are always parked illegally, Carver explains its at the request of Valchek, who, angry about the stained glass, has given orders to harass the union officials. Later, Valchek himself shows up at the hall, asking Sobotka if hes gettin the message. Valchek explains why hes angry but manages only to enrage Sobotka. Sobotka replies by insulting Valcheck, now making their war personal.brbrAt the prison, a corrections officer named Dwight Tilghman tosses Wee-Beys cell, tearing apart his girlie mags and breaking his aquarium. Wee-Bey learns that Tilghman is angry because Wee-Bey killed Tilghmans cousin on the outside. When Wee-Bey reports the situation to Avon, Avon doesnt even remember the murder: You need a damn scorecard to keep up with your lethal ass, he says, reassuring Wee-Bey that hell speak to Tilghman and call him off. Tilghman, however, brushes off Avon when he tries to have a word with the guard.brbrMcNulty visits the customs shed where Russell is processing the 13 bodies and begins to poke around. He wonders aloud if there might be a connection between his floater and the 13 bodies, no missing-persons reports have been filed since the body was found in the water. Inspecting the container in which the women died, he discovers that the air pipe had been purposely hammered shut, which means the deaths are no accident. He also learns that the cargo container had 14 bedrolls and only 13 bodies. Russell matches a picture of the young woman to some items from the evidence of the missing woman 14 and McNulty confirms that it is his floater.brbrValchek, still angry over Sobotkas harsh words, learns that the union has hired a high-priced lobbyist whos been spreading money around to politicians, in an attempt to revitalize the port. How can they afford this with a dirt-poor union and only 1,500 guys left, Valchek wonders. His conclusion: Sobotka is into some dirt. Valchek pays a call on Deputy Commissioner Burrell, who is in line to be Police Commissioner soon if the city council votes him in. Knowing that Burrells having problems with the first district councilman, Valchek says he can take care of it, but he wants a favor in exchange. He wants Burrell to have Rawls appoint a six-man detail to look into the activities of Sobotka.brbrWorried about his clearance rate, Rawls resists mightily taking on the 13 murders but ultimately cant avoid them. Now hes even angrier with McNulty, since it was McNultys detective work that turned the accident into a crime. Later, McNulty and Bunk do some serious drinking, McNulty downing 14 shots, one for each of the bodies, he says. Eleven more years of whatever bullshit they can find and then I put in my papers and I walk, McNulty says. Fuck it, they can chew you up but they gotta spit you back out.brbrLater that night, he visits Pearlman, who always takes him in. In the morning, however, she presses him for the meaning of their relationship. But she becomes upset when he tells her that if his wife would take him back, hed be gone.brbrValchek gets his detail, but the unit is made up of useless cops, with Prez being the one exception. Valchek, not realizing hes been given humps, visits them in their new detail office and tells them to get to work on Sobotka.brbrMeanwhile, DAngelo has begun to use heroin in prison. Avon arrives to speak with him one evening and, realizing what Dee is doing to himself, tells him, We have to talk.brbrAt police headquarters, Horseface, dressed in a suit and tie, hot-wires a surveillance van and drives it off police property, saluting the unsuspecting cops as he goes. Its payback time for Valchek, and at the cargo terminal, the longshoremen drive the van into a cargo container and ship it around to a series of domestic and international ports.brbrFreamon and Bunk, assigned to the 14 murders, learn that the Atlantic Light has left Baltimore headed for Philly and chase the ship there to interview the crew. They are preceded, however, by Serge, who kidnaps the ships engineer and takes him away. Freamon and Bunk arrive later, unaware of whats happened, and are stonewalled at every turn as they try to interview a crew that can suddenly speak no English.brbrSerge brings the engineer to Baltimore, where after being beaten, he finally reveals that he raped one of the 14 women in the container. When she resisted, he killed her, and since the other girls were witnesses, they all had to die. The Greek orders Vondas to kill him, saying, There will be more girls./p/div

div class=episode-body-left-aligned style=text-align: leftpbDirected by/b Elodie KeenebrbStory by/b David Simon Ed BurnsbrbTeleplay by/b David Simon/ppWhat they need is a union. - Russell/ppOmar is stationed outside the apartment building where drug dealer Darnell lives, awaiting Darnells little brother. Omar has established that Darnells kid brother leaves the building twice a day with a laundry basket in which the days drug earnings are stashed. Omar plans to take out the kid and steal the cash. We dont have to blast our way to the top floor, we just wait, Omar explains to Dante, his lover. Astonishingly, before his eyes, two black women - Kimmy and Tosha - whove been lounging around the doorway, spring into action, drawing guns and making off with the cash. Thats something you dont see everyday, Omar says./ppOmar follows Kimmy and Tosha and confronts them in an abandoned building where theyve gone to count the money. Rather than steal it from them, however, he teams up with them. Later, they stake out another drug dealer and their plan to pull a heist goes off without a hitch./ppNick gets his hair cut by his girlfriend Aimee, who wants to move in together. Nick protests that he doesnt have the money to get a place, but says that as soon as he does, it can happen. Later, at the cargo pier, Nick and Ziggy are again without work, and none too happy about it. I cant keep waking up in the morning not knowing if Im gonna get paid, says Nick. I got a kid. I got a girl who wants to get married. When Ziggy again tries to interest him in dealing some drugs to make some cash, however, Nick says no./ppAt the evidence control unit, McNulty, carrying the very weak bag of evidence against Bird in the Gant case, runs into Daniels. As they discuss their mutually regretful fates, Daniels tells McNulty that with his twenty-two years in the force and his law degree, hes resigning, putting in his papers immediately./ppValchek finally discovers that his van - stolen by Horseface - has gone missing. Are you telling me that a fully equipped, $120,000 surveillance van assigned to this district cannot be located? he asks. Shortly thereafter, he receives an anonymous photo in the mail of the van, taken by longshoremen at the port in Wilmington, Delaware./ppMcNulty returns his kids to his wifes house after a visit, hoping shell invite him in, but she crushes him by telling him to expect a separation agreement from her lawyer in the mail. Its to protect both of us, she tells him. Back at the office, the medical examiner tells McNulty that based on dental work, hes determined that at least some of the girls are Eastern European. And one of them had breast enhancements in Budapest, which he deduced from the serial numbers on the implants. McNulty is puzzled by the deaths of the women, considering their potential earning power in the U.S. In a meeting with the INS, he also learns that there are 50,000 undocumented girls working in the States. They need a whole new agency just to police em, says Bunk. What they need is a union, responds Russell./ppAt St. Casmirs Church, the unions lobbyist throws a party to put the touch on state legislators. Sobotkas lobbyist instructs him as to how his time and money are best spent. The guys you need to be working are the guys who wouldnt have shown up if we hadnt been throwing money at them./ppPrez and his wife attend a family dinner celebrating Valcheks wedding anniversary, but all Valchek is interested in discussing is the case against Sobotka. The Major is disappointed to learn that the investigation is moving very slowly. Prez explains that the unit is not doing wire taps, not pulling phone logs, DMV records, political campaign contributions, as they had in the Barksdale case. When he tells Valchek that the Barksdale investigation would have been a major case had Burrell not stopped it, Valchek seems to hear - and comprehend Burrells role - for the first time. Meanwhile, pictures of the missing surveillance van continue to arrive periodically, mocking Valchek as it makes its way from port to port./ppStringer drops by Donettes apartment and tells her she needs to take her son to visit DAngelo in jail. Sparks fly however, and the two are soon in bed together. Meanwhile, Avon visits DAngelo in the prison library, trying to win his affection once again. When Dee remains hostile, Avon tells him if hes cool, DAngelo wont be doing but a piece of his 20 years. You need to trust. You need to get your head right. My head is where I want it to be, DAngelo responds coldly./ppNick and Ziggy conspire to steal a container from the docks, and take it to a secondhand appliance store run by George Double G Glekas, where they try to sell him 400 digital cameras theyve stolen. Glekas later visits Spiros and asks if Nick is to be trusted. When Spiros says yes, Glekas seals the deal for the cameras./ppValchek visits the Detail Room to learn how the investigation is progressing, but finds his squad playing poker and wasting time. He leaves, angry, and shows up at City Hall, where Burrell is lobbying the city council members who will vote soon on a new police commissioner. You gave me humps, he tells Burrell of his detail. They couldnt catch the clap in a Mexican cathouse with a fistful of fifties. He threatens Burrell that if he doesnt give him a real detail, with real police and a real unit commander, hes going to bust up the vote for you. Valchek tells Burrell he wants Daniels pulled out of the evidence room to run the unit./ppStringer and Avon, knowing that the prison guard Tilghman is dealing dope to prisoners, arrange for Tilghmans supplier to give him strychnine instead of heroin. Avon warns his nephew to stay away from drugs. Heading his uncles previous warnings to lay off the dope, DAngelo passes on a hit the same night the hot shots are passed out to the inmates. He hears unholy screams through the prison, and then seeing the bodies carried away, Dee is suddenly aware of the coincidence of the hot shots and his uncles warning./p/div

div class=episode-body-left-aligned style=text-align: leftpbDirected by/b Elodie KeenebrbStory by/b David Simon Joy Lusco KeckenbrbTeleplay by/b Joy Lusco Kecken/ppIf I hear music, Im gonna dance. - GreggsbrbrAn angry Sobotka meets his nephew Nick by the harbor, telling him his theft of the cameras is further jeopardizing the ports diminished cargo business. Nick says its too late; the cameras have been fenced. And Nick explains that he cant survive with the little bit of legitimate work hes getting at the dock. Im on my ass. I cant get by on five days a month. Sobotka tells him if he needs money, you come to me.brbrAt the prison, five people have died after ingesting the strychnine hot shots. Avon and Stringers scheme progresses when they have real dope planted in Tilghmans car. Avon, with help from his attorney Maury Levy, tells the assistant warden he has inside information, naming Tilghman as the cause of the deaths. When Tilghmans car is searched and drugs are found, he is arrested. Two problems solved: Tilghman will no longer harass Wee-Bey and Avon cuts a deal to shorten his term in exchange for cooperation.brbrBurrell meets with Daniels in his office, offering to clean the slate and put him in charge of a detail to do Valcheks bidding. When Daniels tells him hes resigning, Burrell promises him a majors slot if hell stay. Realizing Burrell is under pressure from Valchek, Daniels bargains hard, agreeing to stay and take the assignment with two provisos: Burrell will let him pick his people and should the unit actually mount a case against Sobotka Burrell will make the squad a permanent, major case unit. Burrell, over a barrel, agrees.brbrAt home, McNultys voicemail brings news that the state attorney Ilene Nathan is going to throw out the murder charges against Bird unless McNulty can produce Omar immediately.brbrRussell, at the Port with Bunk, explains what checkers do and how, through computer sleight of hand, they can get a container off the dock without anyone knowing. And, she warns, because theyre all loyal union members, theres no chance any longshoreman can ever be flipped and serve as a police informant. Bunk schools her that a police is only as good as his, or her, informants.brbrDAngelo and Avon have another angry confrontation in prison when Avon tries to talk sense to DAngelo and Dee is too angry to listen. Play or you gonna get played, Avon warns him. I dont want no part of what you doing no more, DAngelo responds, sensing that Avon is behind the prisons heroin deaths. So you can just leave me the out of that, whatever it is.brbrMcNulty, under pressure to find Omar, leaves another message on the burned-out white van Omar used to drive and then canvasses drug dealers in West Baltimore, looking for his man. Eventually, finding Bubbles and Johnny, he convinces Bubbles to help him find Omar.brbrAt the projects, dope is still in short supply, and Stringer continues to dilute what product he has rather than lose more customers. Ziggy, after being warned by Nick not to flash the money they earned in their camera heist, shows up for a rare day of work wearing a $2,000 Italian leather coat.brbrVondas meets with Nick and Ziggy at the waterfront diner and says he needs chemicals: ethanol, hydrochloric acid. We need 30, 40 thousand liters, he says. When Nick investigates, he learns that chemicals come through a different pier nearby called Fairfield, and also that one of the checkers they work with has a brother who works at Fairfield and that he might help them. Meanwhile Nick tells Aimee that hes received a couple thousand in back pay and that they can now afford to set up house together.brbrDaniels visits Rawls, who approves the cops for the detail: Freamon, Greggs, and Hauk. Everyone, that is, but McNulty: Nothing that even resembles that sonofabitch... He quits or he drowns, Rawls says. Daniels visits Greggs and pressures her to join up, too, telling her she can work inside. If I hear the music, Im gonna dance, Greggs tells him, and agrees to join the detail.brbrAt the funeral home that serves as the new headquarters for the Barksdale gang, Shamrock arrives and directs Bells attention to the TV, which is broadcasting a press conference about the Tilghman bust. Bell, who is continuing to study economics at the University of Baltimore, flicks it off. I got a mid-term. I got to study.brbrBunk and Russell visit the cargo terminal to bring Horseface downtown for questioning, but when he demands to talk to his shop steward and requests a union lawyer, they are unable to take him. Later, they drop in at the Clement Street Bar, which is in full longshoreman swing, sending the message that since it was determined the girls were murdered, they are not going away any time soon. Stunned, Sobotka escapes to the bathroom, where the reality of what hes been involved with eats away at him./p/div

div class=episode-body-left-aligned style=text-align: leftpbDirected by/b Steve ShillbrbStory by/b David Simon Ed BurnsbrbTeleplay by/b Ed Burns/ppThey used to make steel there, no? - Vondas/ppZiggy attempts to collect money from a white drug dealer named Frog hes been supplying, but Frog wont pay, saying the stash was hit. Frustrated but too soft-hearted to get tough with the dealer, Ziggy leaves, only to be surrounded suddenly by Cheese and his gang. Ziggy owes Cheese for the package he was fronted, and since he hasnt paid up, Cheese drags him from his car, slaps him around and take his leather coat. Cheese warns hed better pay up by Friday or hell be dead on Saturday. The dealer takes off in Ziggys car, leaving him stranded on the corner.brbrDaniels continues to assemble the old gang, surprising Carver by offering him a spot even though he spied on Daniels for Burrell on the last detail. If I caught him once, he might be the last sonofabitch to try it twice, Daniels says. When Rawls tells Freamon hes being taken off the 14 murders and assigned to the detail, Freamon is skeptical: Colonel, respectfully, did you just me over without giving me even half a chance to clear this case? he asks Rawls. Rawlss reply: Lets be clear Detective Freamon. When I you over, youll know it.brbrAt the Detail Room, his squad mostly assembled, Daniels explains why theyre back together and that its Sobotka theyre after. He asks them to figure out where the longshoremen cop dope on a Saturday night and set up some hand-to-hand buys. When Freamon arrive.